I’m not a mountain climber but I know it takes a good guide, an experienced and trusted “Sherpa”, to safely get to the summit of the highest climb on the face of the earth.  For the mountain climber, that, of course, would be Mt. Everest.  Did you know that the most treacherous part of that journey isn’t the climb? It’s the descent! The fact is, more people have perished getting down from Everest after successfully reaching the summit, than on the way to the top.

Preparing for and living in retirement shouldn’t be as arduous as climbing a mountain, but it still takes planning, skill, and effort to do it successfully.  And just like the descent of Mt. Everest, it’s the spend down during retirement, not the saving up, that presents the most risks and pitfalls.  You need an experienced trusted guide, a financial Sherpa, to take you through that journey.  Someone to talk to that listens to you to discover among other things, what’s important about money…to you! And here’s a hint from my more than 20 years of experience in assisting hundreds of couples and individuals as well as other advisors and their clients: Money itself is important but it’s not the most important thing.  And here’s the proof:  Did you ever have a party to celebrate your investment returns? Do you have pictures, videos, scrap books, or social media conversations about your savings and investments?

Our team believes that financial health is a very important component of your overall health and well being but it should not be pursued without considering all the priorities in your life.

Business Owners

Running your business has its rewards but it also has its challenges. It’s risky, all consuming, and often a thankless and unrecognized effort.  But I don’t have to tell you…you live it!  You’ve taken on the responsibility for yourself and your family, as well as for your employees and your community.  For all the angst of planning and decision making, execution is the key to keep you moving forward and efficient execution is the key to improved profitability.  But what if what you believed to be true turned out not to be true?  When would you want to know?

Just like athletes benefit from their coaches, you thrive and survive with the input of advisors.  As legendary coach John Wooden once said, “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

Our “team of consultants” approach focuses on strategies to help improve operational expense and tax efficiencies so you can focus on growing your company.  If you’re ready to prepare for an eventual planned or unexpected transition, we’re there to help you develop a comprehensive business succession plan.  There are 8,760 hours in a year.  That’s over a half million minutes!

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