A Proactive Approach to Retirement

We challenge our clients with simple questions to help define goals.

What’s important about money….to you?

What would it look like to be stress-free over your money and your life?

What brings you the greatest sense of purpose and meaning in life?

What do you expect to get, or more likely to give, in the remaining years of your life?

We use the time tested investment theory Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) developed in the 1950’s and couple that with 21st century technology to provide you with cost conscious, tax-wise, investment portfolios and products that address YOUR needs and manage them to fit within your expectations.

Yes, we are primarily fee-based fiduciaries – placing your best interest where it belongs- at the front of the line! But unlike some fee-only advisors, we can also help you navigate the landscape of products that help mitigate actuarial risk – even if those products are structured to pay a commission.

Understanding You

Once we understand YOU, our job is to tailor a plan that addresses the things you want – less stress about money is at the foundation.

  • Your self-assessment of where you are today – your overall financial picture, including your aversion or desire for risk.
  • Money is a tool to be used to achieve those things that bring meaning and purpose. Some savers and investors tend to focus solely on their rate of return, often watching their money, weekly if not daily; stressing on every movement of the market.  Some don’t look at their money at all, blindly assuming all is well.  Their nonchalance is based on the practicality or advisability of an investment made years ago, often by an advisor that sold a product for “that point in time” and hence, never made changes to it or reviewed it, even though their lives and its purpose have changed. They don’t take the time to understand how their money and investments fit into a distribution or spend down strategy to meet the practical concerns in their retirement years when “every day is Saturday”.

There Are Two Types of People

We believe that there are two types of people: those that seek material comfort while pursuing their life’s purpose and those who’s life purpose is to seek material comfort. In working with the former, we strive to provide financial guidance to relieve the anxiety that can arise in dealing with the complexities of an ever complex financial world so that our clients can concentrate on pursuing their true life’s purpose.

Let Us Help You With Your Financial Transition

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