We Help Plan Your Successful Transition to Retirement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people, build, navigate, and, of utmost importance, comprehend the various attributes of just one specific comprehensive retirement transition plan – yours!

A plan built with a specific purpose in mind – you and the things you value most in life!

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that your money is very important; it’s just not the most important thing in your life. We also believe money is very important in retirement; it’s just not usually the most important aspect of your retirement years!

Did you ever have a party to celebrate your investment return?

Do you have pictures, videos, scrap books, or social media conversations over your savings and investments?

Of course not!

Your health physical, spiritual, as well as financial are intertwined to bring you rewarding and satisfying retirement years.  Our strategic affiliation with our mission partners see to it that we bring you a unique experience of personal growth.  We don’t just say we’re “holistic”, we live it!

Who We Are 

Financial Transitions Advisors, LLC was established in 2017 after its principal had spent nearly 20 years with one of the nation’s largest financial services firms. The foundation of the company was built upon the belief that meeting client needs without conflict of interest required separation from a corporate structure that presents the advisor with a divided loyalty between corporate and client interests. These corporate interests tend to emphasize proprietary interests rather than client needs and values.

The firm operates independently in the area of Securities Services, Tax Strategies, Wealth Planning, and Insurance. The only affiliations we maintain are those required by law and proper regulatory oversight.  We believe your financial objectives are shaped by your past experiences, built upon your current circumstances and designed to address your future expectations.  It’s you who defines success not us nor the companies we represent.  We seek to be your financial guide and partner.  We share our experience, product knowledge, and analytics, in the hopes of providing you with an understandable strategy with continuing support to exceed your expectations.

Let Us Help You With Your Financial Transition

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