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Planning Your Finances Like a Mountain Climber


Individuals I’m not a mountain climber but I know it takes a good guide, an experienced and trusted “Sherpa”, to safely get to the summit of the highest climb on the face of the earth.  For the mountain climber, that, of course, would be Mt. Everest.  Did you know that the most treacherous part of that journey isn’t the climb? It’s the descent! The fact is, more people have perished getting down from Everest after successfully reaching the summit, than on the way to the top. Preparing for and living in retirement shouldn’t be as arduous as climbing a mountain, [...]

Planning Your Finances Like a Mountain Climber2018-07-11T10:23:44-04:00

How to Put a Value On Your Value – An Advisor’s Take


A Holistic Approach to Finance. We believe you have the most to gain by looking at your financial life holistically – blending investment advice, financial planning, and real-life goal setting. Recent research has placed a value on this integrated approach. The following study reports that advisors who provide wealth management best practices can add significant value beyond market performance: Putting a Value on Your Value: Quantifying an Advisor's Alpha, Vanguard Investment Research, March 2014. Your life story – and financial needs – will evolve and change over time. Our wealth management advice, services, coaching, reviews, and partnership move in sync [...]

How to Put a Value On Your Value – An Advisor’s Take2018-07-11T10:24:02-04:00
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